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Mike from Sheffield, UK

The dentist and the staff is very well prepared, explained all steps through the treatment
understood the pain that can be felt and tried to reduce this wherever possible. '
The clinic and environment was very clean, modern, friendly.
Meeting at the airport was great....especially for very international tourists.'

Anna from Leeds, UK

My dentist was a wonderful professional and his staff and the staff of the clinic were very helpful and corteous to me over my many days of treatment.

Susan from Dublin, Ireland

Just wanted to let you know how well my visit to the clinic went. Dr Orlova was really kind and put me at ease and I felt really safe in his care. I was very bruised and sore but it was worth it and I am so glad that I went back to the clinic. The service was excellent and the staff were very kind and helpful. 
I would also like to say a big thank you to you for all your help in the last few months and look forward to my visit in 6 months for my new teeth putting in. Will you be contacting me nearer the time to arrange the next visit? Thanks again to all of you and I would definately recommed the clinic to anyone.
Ps: I visited my own dentist today and he said it was a really neat job that Dr Orlova had done and he was very happy with it.


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