KIDS Dental IQ

Educational dental program for children and their parents

Dental health begins in the family with habits of hygiene and nutrition. Even the smallest of correct habits will lead to great results.

It’s not just about the necessity of brushing your teeth, but about a lot of other rules, rituals, patterns and secrets that will provide a beautiful smile and a healthy body for life.

We developed the KIDS Dental IQ program, which will help:

  • Form the right habits of a healthy lifestyle
  • Awaken curiosity to the organism of the human body and the role of teeth in maintaining overall health
  • Be infused with trust in doctors and make a visit to the dentist a joyful experience.
  • Avoid stress and waste of money for treatment…
  • …and in the end, have a beautiful smile and healthy teeth for 100 years!
  1. Prove even the most untrusting patients that dentists are not scary.
  2. To cause a young child to have a steady interest in the process of dental care, and to turn this into a habit for many years.
  3. To help fellow dentists in the development of services, attracting new loyal customers, not one by one, but by families.
  • We bring up the ideal client – the child allows for their teeth to be treated voluntarily, without fear and anesthesia.
  • We slowly familiarize the child with hygiene and prevention, changing the routine work of the dentist – with “sealing” to save the beauty and aesthetics of the teeth.
  • Tour of the clinic
  • The game “useful-harmful”
  • Management of the dental unit
  • Transformation into a true dentist
  • Author’s toothpaste making workshop
  • The game “brush your friend’s teeth”
  • Cheerful dental check for children (routine examination)
  • Awarding of diplomas
  • A hat, a mask, and gloves
  • A set of multicolored tools
  • Colorless toothpaste in a jar and a set of harmless food dyes and flavors to color the toothpaste.
  • An additional source of income
  • Possibility to increase the staff check (treatment, hygiene)
  • Additional competitive advantage over other clinics
  • New grateful and loyal clients
  • Prevention of professional burnout
  • Get training in Europe and get a license to use.
  • Place the logo of your clinic on all materials of the program
  • Experiment and get pleasure from the work and income.
  • Find our more about the program and come to us for training
  • Offer KIDS Dental IQ to your customers
  • Conduct trial sessions in 2-3 child groups
  • Allow mothers to share their impressions with other moms on the playgrounds of your city
  • Prepare for the fact that the number of clients and revenue of the clinic will grow.

Author of the KIDS Dental IQ program
dr. Natalie Orlova

  • Expert in aesthetic dentistry with 20 years of experience in Latvia and abroad
  • Chief doctor of the clinic Latvia Dental
  • Founder of the international dental aesthetic school
  • The founder of the movement “Latvia, Smile!”
  • Author of the educational program “KIDS Dental IQ”
  • Mother of three
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