Latvia dental clinic is not just about tooth fillings. Our clinic is much more. This is a place where you will not only be provided with medical services of the widest spectrum and the highest quality, but also will teach proper and high-quality dental care, disclose the secrets of a dazzling happy smile, play with your children in the office and have access to delicious coffee and cozy coaches.

Latvia Dental is a club for those who approach treatment consciously, and are ready to think, learn and cooperate with the doctor, working together for a long-term result and not a short-term effect on the principle of “does not hurt, and well… five years is enough”.



We do not just treat teeth. We make it so that life brings joy. Having completed complex treatment in the clinic, our clients openly smile at the world, they have nasolabial folds smoothed, their heads and necks cease to hurt, our customers gnaw green apples and nuts with ease. Our patients are admired by our outsiders and envy them: “Lucky with genes, such beautiful white teeth!”.

Our goal is not to “put” the patient on endless expenditure. Our approach is one client = one project. Every project has a beginning and an ending. At the first consultation, the doctor indicated the number and sequence of necessary procedures, clearly spelling out the terms. It is in our interests to make sure that the patient leaves satisfied and happy, telling his friends and colleagues about the amazing experience he or she had at our clinic.



Our client is an educated and successful person. He is ready to find time to examine his teeth with the doctor in the mirror, ready to learn how to use floss, irrigator and regularly come to have teeth cleaned by a hygienist. Our client knows the value of money and does not want to be treated all of his life. He prefers to solve all his problems once and for many years to come without worries.

Patients from other European countries come to us to be treated. The unusual scenario for the foreign guests of the clinic: the client records the block for several days at once, we attach the doctor and the assistant to the patient, help book the hotel, arrange additional rest during the days of treatment, and if necessary find a nanny, assistant or driver. And for residents of Riga and nearby cities, we will select the most convenient and flexible schedule for you to come and be seen.


Our clients are responsible and wonderful parents. They do not drag their kids around screaming to different dentists. They bring their children to us, and we don’t necessarily treat them right away. We first play, laugh and make friends with the dental chair.

Dr. Orlova, for example, is not just a doctor, but a beautiful and kind Tooth Fairy who molds teeth from plastic and brushes the teeth of a crocodile. And then in the dental laboratory together with the kids, she will make a chocolate toothpaste and at the same time chat about soda, chips, and chocolates hidden under the pillow. After such fun, even the wimpiest of children will speedily climb on the dental chair and open their mouths wide! For young patients, we have an entire author program – KIDS Dental IQ.


Our specialists are much more than just professional dentists. First of all, they are partners who are ready to meet and make friends with you, find an individual approach to you, take into account your interests and wishes and finish the job completely. You no longer have to ask colleagues and friends to recommend you a dentist, since your dentist already works here, with us!

А вот и наши доктора. Знакомьтесь!

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